Project Manus - MIT's effort to upgrade our makerspaces and foster maker communities.  MIT has long been a leading example of how to integrate 'making' on campus.  Maintaining this leadership requires adaptation of new technology, tools, training and means of improving access for students.  Project Manus is leading MIT's efforts to: 

  • Upgrade legacy spaces/equipment
  • Introduce new technologies
  • Create new campus makerspaces, and
  • Foster maker communities 
  • Reach out/collaborate with peer universities, alumni, government and industry.

Today's maker highlight: Get Mobius to Win TechCASH

Would you like to win a $250 in TechCASH?  If you are an MIT student and install and use Mobius on your iPhone or Android before October 5th and you will be entered to win.  We want every student at MIT to be able to search for the makerspaces and tools available across campus so we are willing to pay you, well some of you, to install and use Mobius.  ...Complete Details


Get Mobius to Win