3D Printing Service Pilot

Do you need a 3D part printed, but don't have access to a 3D printer or don't want to wait for a 3D printer in the lab to become available, try the MIT 3D Printing Service.Cloud based 3D Printing

People can learn a lot about engineering and making by learning the ins and outs of 3D printing.  However, sometimes you just need a part printed for a project or you've 3D printed a thousand times and are not going to learn much from the 1,004th print.  Project Manus in collaboration with MIT CopyTech is piloting a service where members of the MIT community can submit 3D print jobs online and we will 3D print them for you and let you know when you job is ready to pickup. We welcome feedback through the pilot.  If you have feedback and suggestions, email 3d-print-pilot@mit.edu.

The cost for the service is $2 per hour for printing.  The time a job takes to print varies on a number of factors and you can get more details in the FAQ.

Are you ready to 3D print something?

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Getting Started with 3D Printing Service Pilot

To use the 3D Printing Service during the pilot follow these steps:

  1. Signup for an account
  2. Login with your account to upload your 3D model (STL)
  3. Adjust basic configuration settings for the 3D printing job, e.g., quality level, infill and types of supports
  4. Submit your configured print job
  5. The Job is reviewed and either approved or sent back to you with changes
  6. Approved jobs are added to the queue
  7. You will receive email when your print job is completed
  8. Come pay for and pick up your part from CopyTech

Check out the 3D Printing Pilot FAQ for answers to other questions.