MakerLodge: Where Freshman Making Starts at MIT

You've been accepted by MIT, you're enrolling next fall and you're ready to start making.

But where do you start?

Start here with MakerLodge, a community of makers dedicated to training the next generation of MIT student makers. Our mission is to open all sorts of doors for MIT students on campus, and to provide the necessary training to these students to ensure safe and practical use of MIT Makerspaces around campus.

MakerLodge is student run and student taught, and was designed to allow for peer-to-peer transmission of the essential skills neccesary for safely and productively utilizing the nearly 45 makerspaces on MIT's campus. Enroll now to begin the process of preparing yourself for access to MIT makerspaces. Learn about our machines, like CNC Routers, Laser Cutters, Bandsaws, 3D printers, drill presses, sewing machines, Arduinos and more. 

What is the MakerLodge?

Gain access to other makerspaces on campus

MIT Project Manus and MakerLodge has teamed up with twelve amazing MIT makerspaces around campus to offer streamlined access to these makespaces after succesful completion of the MakerLodge training

After successful completion of MakerLodge training, MIT students will recieve $100 MakerBucks and a free tool kit to encourage further making around MIT. MakerBucks may be used to purchase materials, components, and to pay for machine time in MIT makerspaces. Makerbucks may only be spent within MIT makerspaces via the Mobius app.


The MIT Mobius system is designed to help members of the MIT community navigate the vast array of resources used to 'make' or measure available on campus. Mobius also enables facility/equipment managers to manage their spaces, equipment and user training. Download now to kickstart your making at MIT. Mobius can be found in the iOS and Android app stores. 

Mens et Manus Freshman Seminar

Freshman advising seminars are a half-century-old tradition at MIT, giving students the opportunity to explore topics outside the core curriculum in a small group setting while receiving valuable mentoring from faculty. Last fall, the Mens et Manus seminar—taught by Dean for Undergraduate Education Dennis Freeman SM ’76, PhD ’86 and Vice President for Open Learning Sanjay Sarma, along with maker czar Martin Culpepper SM ’97, PhD ’00 and MechE senior lecturer Dawn Wendell ’04, SM ’06, PhD ’11—gave that format a hands-on twist. The goal of the seminar—a workshop in constructing speaker systems from scratch—was to teach roughly 30 incoming undergrads modern engineering methods that related to their large-group General Institute Requirements. The students received accelerated shop training on such tools as a laser cutter and 3-D printer, and learned to program features for their speakers like flashing lights and Bluetooth capability.

Summer MakerKits


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