Verify Genuine MIT Face Shields / Avoiding Counterfeit Face Shields

Counterfeit MIT face shields are products that are falsely marketed and sold as being MIT-approved or designed and may not be capable of providing appropriate protection to front line medical personnel. Poorly designed PPE products can, in fact, be dangerous.

When MIT becomes aware of counterfeit face shields or those misrepresenting MIT approval on the market, we will post them here to alert users, purchasers, and manufacturers.

How to identify authentic MIT Face Shields:

Genuine MIT Face Shields have the following attributes to help you authenticate your product:

    • Box has 2 labels listing the Part Number (#)
    • Tape that bears the Polymershapes logo (see photo of box)
    • Shipped with hair ties or elastics, foam inserts, instructions and specifications sheets.
IMG_0349 (1)
AMZ - Top
AMZ - Bottom
Signs that a face shield may be counterfeit:
    • No Polymershapes tape on the shipped box
    • Shipped without instructions, hair ties or foam.
    • A noticeable space in between bottom four chin guards or between forehead band and top guards. This is due to a process other than die cutting being used.
    • Named something other than the MIT Face Shield (i.e., “Fab Shield” or other).
Examples of Counterfeit Shields (notice the space between the chin guards)

If you want to verify the authenticity of your MIT Face Shield:

Please send the following to

    1. Name of the entity that sold the shield to you
    2. Picture of the box labels
    3. Photo of the outside and inside of the box
    4. Revision Number (Rev #) of Instructions or Specification Sheet (see below for location on sheet)
    5. Part Description of Shield (see below for location on sheet)
    6. Photo of your shield.
Where to find Rev # and Part #/Part Description on your Technical Specifications Sheet