MakerLodge FAQ

I’m not in the Class of 2022, can I still do MakerLodge trainings?

Our focus in Fall 2018/Spring 2019 will be training the class of 2022, so we cannot offer trainings to those outside of the first-year class.

Do I automatically get access to other shops once I’ve been trained in MakerLodge?

You must contact the shop manager or managers of any facility you want to access and use. We’re working with a number of shops so that the Mobius credentials from completing MakerLodge’s training will make it much easier for you to gain access. Check out the Lodges page for more information about shops that take MakerLodge credentials. And when in doubt, ask a mentor or shop manager!

After I get Tier 1 trained, can I use MakerLodge to make personal projects?

MakerLodge is a space designed for trainings. For this reason, we cannot use the space for general shop use to people outside of the mentors. If you are interested in using the MakerLodge space and getting 24/7 access, consider applying to be a mentor.

How can I become a mentor?

Fill out our application form here!

My friend is trained, but I’m not — can I tag along with them and still make stuff?

No, it would be unsafe for you and for those around you. You have to go through training in order to get access to the space.

What if I’m interested in multiple tracks for Tier 2 training?

That’s fine! Feel free to get trained in as many Tier 2 categories as you want.

I broke a tool, what should I do?

Notify a mentor, and we’ll take care of it. Don’t worry about it; these things happen.

I broke a machine, what should I do?

Make sure the machine is off, marked as out of service, and get a mentor.