MakerLodge General Safety

Before you learn how to use the tools and machines available in MakerLodge, there are a few shop safety and etiquette rules you’ll need to know.

Things to do before you get here:

  • Wear closed-toe shoes.
  • Tie back long hair and beards. Loose hair can get caught in machines.
  • Secure or take off loose clothing, including sweatshirt strings and neckties.
  • Remove all jewelry, including watches.
  • Put on safety glasses when entering the shop.

While in the shop:

  • Don’t be a distraction to others.
  • Clean up after yourself. Keep storage areas neat and organized.
  • Clean up any spills immediately.
  • Properly dispose of hazardous materials; don’t just throw them in the regular trash. Broken blades should be disposed of into the labeled sharps box.
  • If you don’t know how to do something, ask a mentor. We’re here to help!
  • Only use tools you’ve been trained on.
  • Don’t use machines if you’re tired.
  • Always have a shop buddy
  • Your buddy must be trained in MakerLodge
  • Students trained in other shops will not be able to react as effeciently to hazards & accidents that occur in MakerLodge.

While using a machine:

  • Don’t wear gloves when using a free-standing machine, as they can get caught in the machine. Gloves are allowed and often useful when working with hand tools.
  • While working with adhesives or chemicals, you must wear gloves. Gloves must also be worn when removing parts from 3D printers (to protect from the putty knife)
  • Wear hearing protection when the shop is loud.
  • Remove chips with brushes or vacuum cleaners, not with your hands or compressed air.
  • Don’t remove or damage machine guards.
  • Don’t leave machines running unattended.
  • Keep your hands clear of the machine’s point of operation; use pliers or push sticks instead.
  • Make sure your workpiece is securely held with clamps or vice grips. Do not use your hands to clamp on a drill press.
  • Remove the chuck key before using the machine.
  • If a machine breaks, stop using it, turn it off, and notify a mentor.

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