Lodge Shop Managers

What is MakerLodge

MakerLodge is a three-part training program to teach making skills to MIT first year undergradu- ate students. The trainings are run by upperclassman students and include training and practice on certain machines

Part A

Training on manual or digital fabrication tools

Part B

Practice session and safety quiz for tools learned in Part A


Students choose one more tool/process to learn

Mobius & Credentials

Students who successfully complete their checkoff receive credentials in Mobius for each tool they’ve been trained on.

Managers of other shops can access these credentials through Mobius at any time.

Access to Other Shops at MIT

With their credentials, first year MakerLodge graduates are eligible to work in several other shops, or “Lodges”, when there is the capacity for them to do so.

Benefits for Lodge Shops

Project Manus provides Lodges with an annual stipend or compensation per MakerLodge graduate that uses their space.

Contact Us

Angelina Jay is the Technical Instructor in charge of the MakerLodge program. Please contact her at angiejay@mit.edu with any questions about the program.