Makerspace FAQs

Who can use The Deep and/or Metropolis?

Any MIT student (grad/undergrad), staff or faculty member who has received shop specific orientation! We especially encourage students who have taken a class or training with us to come back and practice on their own projects.

For first year students we have a special training program called MakerLodge!

Which shop should I go to?

You can come to either shop! Both shops serve the same community of makers, so picking a shop is just about what tools you’re looking to use. Be sure to attend an orientation for whichever—or both—spaces you would like to use!

This sounds fun, how do I get started?

Watch this safety video and come to an orientation at the shop you’d like to use (The Deep and/or Metropolis). Note that if you’d like to use both shops, you should go to both orientations!

Keep an eye on our calendar for tool trainings and open hours. If you want some project inspiration, browse our kits and project ideas!

If you’re a first year undergraduate student — check out our MakerLodge training program.

What if something breaks or doesn’t seem to be working?

We expect things to break! You will never get in trouble, but we cannot fix things we do not know are broken. Please let us know if something is not working properly. First, contact a mentor or staff on duty. Report all issues, no matter how small. They can help with routine troubleshooting, and often suggest an alternate process to improve your results. You can also email makerspace-questions@ or use the Maintenance Form

How do I get there?

The Deep (37-072) is in the basement of Building 37 — but the front door is locked on nights and weekends! You’ll need to enter through neighboring buildings like 35! Take the elevator to the basement, take a left and another left!

Metropolis (6C-006B) is in the basement of Building 6C which you can get to from the basement infinite. The door in the courtyard between 6C and nano is MIT card access on nights/weekends!

Can I use ______ machine in The Deep or Metropolis?

For Class 1 & 2 tools that you have experience on, ask a mentor for a quick orientation to our practices and policies. If you are uncertain about how to effectively use a tool, ask a mentor – they are here to help!

For Class 3 & 4 tools, you need a training class, either with us in The Deep/Metropolis, or at another shop, subject to acceptance by staff. If a mentor is available, they can operate the equipment with you, but may have to stop if the shop becomes busier.