Makerspace Resources

Price List:

Use of most machines and processes in The Deep and Metropolis is free of charge! We only charge for raw materials and certain expensive consumables, found below:

Suggested Projects:

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Our Machines:

You can access a variety of machines in The Deep and Metropolis, from CNC Mills to lathes, a water jet, 3D printers and more. View The Deep and/or Metropolis on the Mobius app.

Equipment Reference Guides:

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Sources for Materials:

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MIT 3d Printer service

Project Manus, in collaboration with Copytech, runs a service where members of the MIT community can submit 3D print jobs online using the cloud-based printing dashboard 3DPrinterOS. We then 3D print your objects for you and let you know when your job is ready for pickup at Copytech (11-004). The cost for the service is a per-job $4.00 setup charge, $2.50 per hour of print time, and a $0.06 per gram material charge. How long a job takes to print varies. Find out more about the MIT 3D Printing Service.

Tool lending program:

The Tool Lending Program, co-sponsored by MIT MakerWorkshop and the MIT Libraries is a useful resource for tool loans.