MIT Announces MakerBucks & MakerLodge

Beginning in the Fall 2016 MIT will launch the first of its kind MakerLodge and MakerBucks program for every freshman to get training on machines for making, access funds to use for making and join a maker community that matches their interests.

Making is central to MIT’s culture and mission:

MIT has over 40 design/build/project spaces that add up to over 130,000 ft2, about 2 ½ football fields! These spaces exists because we believe a balance of “thinking” + “making” yields the best learning and because it is incredibly fun. That is why MIT’s moto is “Mens et Manus,” or Latin for “Mind and Hand”. We value making in your classes, your research, and your fun.

Program synopsis:

  • Training on laser cutters, 3D printers, electronics and more
  • Gain access to 10 of MIT’s makerspaces
  • Join a maker community (robots, glass work, wood working, etc.)
  • Get a ‘makerbucks’ stipend, enough for materials to make all the 3D printed parts below

MIT MakerBucks 3D printing