MIT Remote Making Safety Plan

Required for "Orange" tools. The student may use this tool ONLY after (i) submission of MIT's Remote Making Risk Acknowledgement, (ii) submission of this safety plan form, (iii) follow-up discussion with Project Manus and (iv) subsequent approval by EHS. This form must be completed in its entirety. All fields marked with a * are required.

Part A: Information About the Tool

A1: Understanding the process

  1. Each student will need to complete and discuss the following parts of the safety plan with faculty/staff oversight:
    1. Information about the tool
    2. Safety checklist
    3. Safety rules and instructions
  2. If Faculty/Staff oversight approves, student completes Risk Acknowledgement and signs the risk acknowledgement via DocuSign
  3. Project Manus and EHS will review this plan with the student and the faculty/staff member and make necessary modifications
  4. The student and faculty/staff oversight must read and accept the modified plan
  5. EHS approves work. As pre-COVID, the staff/faculty oversight are responsible for making sure the plan will be followed

A2: Submitter Information

Email must be
Your 10-digit MIT ID number

A3: Faculty/Staff Member

This needs to be a member of the faculty or staff. It cannot be an undergraduate or graduate student, or the person filling out the form.

A4: Information About the Tool

"MIT-sponsored purpose" includes making that is funded entirely or in part by MIT sources; is organized primarily by MIT (e.g. MIT selects the participants) including ASA-recognized student organization activities and faculty-led or credit-bearing programs; and/or requires the use of MIT equipment, supplies, or personnel. Non-MIT community members are not allowed to participate in remote making activities.

Part B: Safety Checklist


Part C: Safety Directions and Instructions

C1: Preparations

List the preparations that must be completed before safely using this tool.
Which shop at MIT or elsewhere? Which online training? Etc.

C2: Hazards / Injury

Refer to the MIT Remote Making wiki ( list of hazards, and provide your plan to prevent them.
Example: While using this tool, pieces of wood could fly up into my eye.
Example: I will always wear safety glasses when using this tool.

C3: Shutdown and Clean-up Procedure

Plan for how materials/tools will be stored to prevent access by others (when the tool is in use and when it is not in use). 150 words or fewer.
Provide details of how waste will be disposed of. 150 words or fewer.