Summer 2020 Online Course: Enabling Remote Making and Hands-on Activities during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Making and hands-on activities are a critical part of education. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented challenges to this modality but it is still possible. This course will provide best practices for enabling remote making now.


COVID-19 has changed how we engage with students. The critical role making and hands-on activities play in education, however, remains the same. This virtual live 3-day course will give you the tools to effectively retain or emulate residential making in an online setting. MIT faculty and staff will guide you through the logistics of moving hands-on education online in a safe and responsive way. In a series of lectures, discussions and hands-on activities, you’ll learn best practices for doing so. These include adapting quickly, assessing student needs, defining learning objectives, identifying the best digital tools, utilizing video production and social media, programming hands-on activities, promoting safe making, communicating effectively, and more.

Join us for this engaging and interactive experience and earn 1 CEU.

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