MIT Project Manus

MIT Project Manus

MIT's effort to upgrade campus makerspaces and foster student maker communities. We are leading MIT’s efforts to: Upgrade legacy spaces/equipment • Introduce new technologies • Create new campus makerspaces • Foster student maker communities • Collaborate with peer universities, alumni, government & industry

A first-year maker training program run for and by students.


A Project Manus developed app that allows you to locate maker resources on campus.


A biannual celebration of making for the MIT community.

Make Impact

The Make Impact Consortium

Our Makerspaces: The Deep + Metropolis

☞ Upcoming Metropolis Open House ☜

Metropolis is a new Project Manus makerspace – a sister space to The Deep and the new home of the MakerLodge program. We are open to all MIT students for any work you want to do! We run trainings and open hours and are welcoming new users and mentors.

Join us for our extended Open House event to check out the space and attend an orientation, the only training you need to get in the door. We will have snacks and swag! You do not have to attend the entire event in order to get an orientation. Come anytime during the times below and stay as long as you’d like. We’re located in Building 6C-006B.

  • Jan 30: 12-1 & 5-7 pm
  • Jan 31: 5-7 pm
  • Feb 3: 12-1 & 5-7 pm
  • Feb 4: 5-7 pm
  • Feb 5: 5-7 pm
The Deep         Metropolis


MIT Project Manus and Making at MIT is featured prominently in the Fall 2019 Issue of MIT Spectrum

Making has always been at the heart of an MIT education. The Institute’s motto, “mens et manus” (mind and hand), reflects this educational ideal, which harnesses creativity, intellect, and craftsmanship for practical application. Today, MIT is embracing the mission of making with more fervor than ever.

Making the Future: MIT’s Maker Culture and the Metropolitan Warehouse Makerspace

Please consider giving to the MIT Project Manus Fund (2010094) in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative of the MIT Campaign For a Better World.

Download a PDF version of this issue

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Diversity, Inclusion, and Accommodation

Our objective is to promote a makerspace focused on accessibility and inclusion that welcomes and supports people of varying backgrounds, different viewpoints, experience, talents, and ideas.

If you require accommodations, we are thrilled to help! Please email us and we will work with you to find or create accommodations that best suit your needs.

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