MIT Project Manus

MIT Project Manus

MIT's effort to upgrade campus makerspaces and foster student maker communities. We are leading MIT’s efforts to: Upgrade legacy spaces/equipment • Introduce new technologies • Create new campus makerspaces • Foster student maker communities • Collaborate with peer universities, alumni, government & industry

A first-year maker training program run for and by students.


A Project Manus developed app that allows you to locate maker resources on campus.


A biannual celebration of making for the MIT community.

Make Impact

The Make Impact Consortium

Our Makerspaces

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Project Manus News

Fall 2019 Newsletter
The fall newsletter from MIT Project Manus is available now.
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MIC Hosts Bootcamp at Derby University
Students, faculty, shop managers and administrators from around the world gathered at the University of...
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Winter 2019 Newsletter
The Project Manus Winter 2019 Newsletter is now available.
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Project Manus hosts MIT Maker Break
For an article on MIT Maker Break:
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Do you need a 3D part or object printed, but don’t have access to a 3D printer or don’t want to wait for a 3D printer in the lab to become available? Try the updated MIT 3D Printing Service!

Project Manus, in collaboration with Copytech, runs a service where members of the MIT community can submit 3D print jobs online using the cloud-based printing dashboard 3DPrinterOS. We then 3D print your objects for you and let you know when your job is ready for pickup at Copytech (11-004). The cost for the service is a per-job $4.00 setup charge, $2.50 per hour of print time, and a $0.06 per gram material charge. How long a job takes to print varies.

Find out more about the MIT 3D Printing Service.