Mobius Credentials

Mobius stores student credentials that are visible to the student and other shop managers enabling students to access tools more quickly in various shops at MIT.  A credential in Mobius is not a guarantee of access, but it does show verified credentials from various makerspaces on campus.  Credentials are created by shop managers once they have trained a student on how to properly use a piece of equipment or class of equipment.  By design, the credential is a collection of text fields that can specify a range of skill levels and even groups of equipment.  Each credential is marked with the date it was issued and the name of the shop manager assigning it so that managers at other makerspaces on campus can decide the appropriate level of supervision and/or training needing to get students access to maker equipment.

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Information contained in a credential
Viewing credentials
Issuing credentials
How to create a good credential in Mobius

Information contained in a credential

A Mobius credential contains 5 key pieces of information:

Mobius User Info
  1. Title – Text describing the credential such as Epilog Zing 24 Laser Cutter – Basic.
  2. Date – The date the credential was created.
  3. Description – A block of text providing more information about the credential, for example, MakerLodge Edge-lit Sign 2016-17 Training.
  4. Credentialer – The name and contact information of the person issuing the credential so a shop manager can contact them if they need more information.
    1. Name
    2. Makerspace
    3. Email Address
    4. Phone Number (optionally set by users)
  5. Type
    1. Machine/Technology – For skills related to using equipment and tools.
    2. Safety – Things like chemical certifications from EHS, etc.
    3. Oversight – Approval to supervise other students and/or train students in the use of the equipment.

Viewing Credentials

Example Mobius Credential

Mobius shop managers have the ability to look up credentials on their smartphone, tablet through the Mobius app or computer through the Mobius admin portal.

To view Mobius Credentials via the app, login to Mobius on your smartphone or tablet and click on Credentials.  Then search for the student by name or kerberos principle to bring up the student’s information including a photo.  Students can also see any credentials issued to them through the Mobius app on their smartphone and can show that to you as an alternative to looking it up for every student coming into your shop.

To view Mobius Credentials via the admin portal, login, click on Students and then search by name or kerberos principle to bring up the student’s information page.  Click on the word Credentials under the user’s photo to expand and show the list of credentials the student has.  You will also have to expand the Type.  Information on the issuer of the credential is currently only available via the Mobius app.

Issuing Credentials

Mobius shop managers can create credentials in two ways.

  1. An individual credential through the Mobius admin portal
  2. Create multiple credentials at once using the Template

1. Create an individual credential in Mobius

  1. Sign in to the Mobius admin portal.
  2. Click on Students in the left hand navigation – A student must have used Mobius before in order for them to have an account to issue an individual credential.
  3. Search for the student by name or kerberos principle to bring up the student’s information page.
  4. Click on the + symbol to the right of Credential to add a new credential for that user.
  5. Select Type and enter Title (aka What), Notes (aka Description).  The Date and Who will be automatically set to you and the current shop you are signed into if you manage multiple shops.
  6. Click Issue Credential.

2. Create multiple credentials at once using the Template

  1. Sign in to the Mobius admin portal.
  2. Click on Students in the left hand navigation.
  3. Click on the Credentials tab in the upper left navigation bar to get access to the Excel template and the uploader.
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen.

The credential upload template is very useful for issuing multiple repeated credentials.  The MakerLodge uses it to issue credentials on a number of specific machines (2 laser cutters, 4 3D printers, etc.) to dozens of students at a time.  If a student does not have a Mobius account but is included in your spreadsheet, an account will automatically be created if the email matches their MIT email address.

If you have trouble issuing credentials, please contact Jonathan Hunt for assistance.

How to create a good credential in Mobius

When you create credentials, you can be as specific or general as appropriate to the situation.  Keep in mind that the intent of the credential is for a manager of another makerspace on campus to understand from the credential what level of supervision and access is safe to provide a student coming into their shop.  If the student has a basic or introductory exposure/training on a specific piece of equipment, include words like basic or intro in the Title.  If you trained a student to use a class of equipment, such as manual mills, but should be supervised closely when getting started, say that in the Notes.