Project Manus is MIT’s effort to upgrade campus makerspaces and foster student maker communities.


77 Massachusetts Ave,
Building 35-237
Cambridge, MA 02139


(617) 258-7609


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Making at MIT

In a makersystem, local makerspaces network together to offer specialized capabilities to a larger community.

For Students

We are working hard to make sure MIT students have access to the tools, spaces and information they need to make, create and innovate.


Mobius connects students, faculty and researchers with nearby resources they can use to make, measure and innovate.


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Designed by MIT, Mobius is a mobile-friendly web-based portal that helps students, faculty and researchers find the technology, tools and equipment they need to make and innovate across MIT's campus.

Mobius is available to all members of the MIT community and allows users to search for nearby machines and makerspaces based on:

  • Materials you need to work with
  • Machine type
  • Machine capabilities

Once you find a machine or space that fits your needs, you can access location, status and contact information, all from your phone!

Students and facility managers can find and share information about makerspaces through Mobius.

Make sure to sign into Mobius with MIT Touchstone using the Log In link to get access to all Mobius functionality.

Visit the Mobius Web Portal

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