Project Manus is MIT’s effort to upgrade campus makerspaces and foster student maker communities.


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Making at MIT

In a makersystem, local makerspaces network together to offer specialized capabilities to a larger community.

For Students

We are working hard to make sure MIT students have access to the tools, spaces and information they need to make, create and innovate.


Mobius connects students, faculty and researchers with nearby resources they can use to make, measure and innovate.


Sabrina Hare '22 in one of Project Manus' makerspaces — The Deep.

We are working hard to make sure MIT students have access to the tools, spaces and information they need to make, create and innovate. Here are some of the concerns we are working to address:


With more than 45 major makerspaces across MIT's campus, finding the right tools at the right time can be difficult. Mobius allows you to quickly locate the materials, machines and spaces you need to move your project forward.


Some makerspaces are limited to specific classes, courses of study or groups, but others are open to everyone. Mobius can help you determine which spaces you can access and who you need to contact if you need to gain permission to a space.


You need general safety training and training on specific tools before you get to work. Mobius identifies the training you need for certain makerspaces and helps you contact the right person to help you start your training. First-year students are eligible to receive maker training through our MakerLodge program.


We realize that making is more than an educational experience - it also allows you to ideate and socialize with other students and friends. We are working to update our makerspaces with areas to hangout or network. We are also working to foster maker communities through fun events on campus.


Many MIT makerspaces are open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., but we know you need access to machines in the evenings and on weekends. Our makerspaces — The Deep and Metropolis — follow this model. You can also use Mobius to find makerspaces that work with your schedule, and know that we are working on staffing/space design to restructure makerspace hours for the future.


Mobius makes it easier to pay for materials, parts and machine time, which can be done directly through the web portal. We are also partnering with local vendors to establish quick, reliable and affordable prototyping services during busy times on campus.

The 3D Printing Service at Copytech is one way for you to get 3D parts made quickly.MakerBucks are available for students once they have completed the MakerLodge training, which can be used to buy materials or pay for resources in Mobius.

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