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Making at MIT

In a makersystem, local makerspaces network together to offer specialized capabilities to a larger community.

For Students

We are working hard to make sure MIT students have access to the tools, spaces and information they need to make, create and innovate.


Mobius connects students, faculty and researchers with nearby resources they can use to make, measure and innovate.

Recently Published IJAMM Papers

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We are pleased to share two recent papers published in the latest volume of IJAMM, the International Journal of Academic Makerspaces and Making. IJAMM is an initiative of the Higher Education Makerspace Initiative (HEMI), and provides a means to enable the sharing of best practices in academic making.

Laser Cutter Safety Training - Comparing Online Interactive Training to Non-Interactive In-person Training

Christopher Hansen
Fabrication Lab, Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Occupational exposure and indoor environmental quality evaluation from operating multiple desktop 3D printers in an office environment within a library

Jay L. Peterson, Kevin Dyrdahl, and Stacy Bruss
Office of Safety, Health, and Environment (OSHE), Gaithersburg Safety, Health and Environment Division (GSHED), National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).]

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