Apply to be a Mentor for Project Manus

Project Manus Needs You!

Do you like to make stuff? Do you like teaching others to make stuff?

We are now training fall mentors for Project Manus!

We are looking for enthusiastic students who want to help create vibrant making culture in our new basement lab. Advanced making skills are not required, but you should have some experience working in shops and using tools. Students who stay engaged over time will both broaden their capabilities and develop a specialty.

· Learn new making skills in 3D printing, laser cutting, welding, metal work, CNC fabrication and more
· Become a part of a fun and exciting maker community
· Develop your own portfolio
· Use the shops for your projects, with subsidized materials

· Volunteer two 2 hour shifts on a weekly schedule
· Develop, test and run training collaboratively with shop staff
· Assist, mentor and supervise students during lab hours