Mobius is MIT’s mobile-friendly web-based portal for consortium member universities to access valuable tools and resources.

It provides students, facility managers and administrators with a holistic understanding of MIT’s entire maker ecosystem. As more students join a maker community, they want to know where to find the tools they need, and how to access the spaces that are available to them. Mobius provides the perfect solution to make it fun and easy to find equipment and makerspaces on MIT’s campus.

The Mobius web portal is available to all members of MIT’s community. Its features and capabilities are constantly evolving, and it currently provides users the ability to:

  • Discover machines and makerspaces
  • Search the database of machines at MIT and around the world based on:
    • Materials you need to work with
    • Machine type
    • Machine capabilities
  • Access via a mobile friendly site
  • Get Machine and Shop Details including location, status and contact information