MIT has over 40 design/build/project spaces that add up to over 130,000 ft2, about 2 ½ football fields! These spaces exists because we believe a balance of “thinking” + “making” yields the best learning and because it is incredibly fun. That is why MIT’s moto is “Mens et Manus,” or Latin for “Mind and Hand”. We value making in your classes, your research, and your fun.

Based on the results of our student survey, we learned that MIT students on average spend about $150 of their own money per year on maker projects.  In order to encourage making and reduce the barriers MIT has launched the MakerBucks program.  Beginning in the Fall of 2016, MIT will be providing each of the incomming freshman with a debit account from which they can purchase materials and pay for machine time in the makerspaces across campus.  They will be able to access and spend their MakerBucks once they complete the introductory maker training through the MakerLodge program also debuting Fall 2016.

MakerBucks Stipend visualized in 3D Printing

large collection of 3D printed items that could be made with MIT MakerBucks

MakerBucks Stipdend combining laser cutting & 3D printing

example of projects that could be made with one student's worth of MIT MakerBucks credit

More details will be shared as we approach the fall.