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A safety orientation is all you need to get in the door.

Watch the Safety Video before you come in. Find us in the basement of Building 37, room 072 (37-072)

For new members:

If you are already trained at one of the following shops, just come to a Deep safety and culture orientation.

● Makerlodge
● Makerworks
● D-Lab
● Archshops
● Protoworks

If you are not trained at any MIT shop yet, watch the safety video and come to a Deep safety and culture orientation

Become a student mentor in the deep:

Benefits: The most tangible benefit to becoming a mentor of the Deep is free materials for your own personal making (within reason!). In addition, the shop managers are dedicated to making mentor development a priority. Our goal is to improve mentor teaching skills as well as making skills, and ensure that you are making progress while enabling others to do the same. To that end, we offer dedicated trainings to mentors, as well as organize peer-to-peer training and constructive feedback sessions.

Responsibilities: Being a mentor is a four-hour per week commitment that encompasses everything from training other students on machine use to shop maintenance and management. Mentors work with shop managers to develop and iterate trainings to improve upon their content and delivery. Once fully trained, mentors are expected to spend at least half of their time commitment training other students how to use to machines. The other half of their time is spent holding open hours–keeping the shop open and being available to help other students– and performing basic shop maintenance tasks.

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You must have tool specific training before using any of the machines in our space. That training can come from another space at MIT, or we can train you! The training schedule can be found in our general calendar. We are experimenting with different training styles, so sign up for whatever interests you!



Learn about current events and trainings in The Deep.

Our Machines:

You can access a variety of machines in The Deep, from CNC Mills to lathes, a water jet, 3D printers and more. View The Deep on Mobius

Price List:

Equipment Reference Guides:

Access reference guides and specific information on running machines.

Sources for Materials:

Learn where to source materials for your making.

Suggested Projects:

We have compiled a helpful collection of project ideas to get you rolling in The Deep.

MIT 3d Printer service

Project Manus, in collaboration with Copytech, runs a service where members of the MIT community can submit 3D print jobs online using the cloud-based printing dashboard 3DPrinterOS. We then 3D print your objects for you and let you know when your job is ready for pickup at Copytech (11-004). The cost for the service is a per-job $4.00 setup charge, $2.50 per hour of print time, and a $0.06 per gram material charge. How long a job takes to print varies. Find out more about the MIT 3D Printing Service.

Tool lending program:

The Tool Lending Program, co-sponsored by MIT MakerWorkshop and the MIT Libraries is a useful resource for tool loans.


Any MIT student who has received shop specific orientation at The Deep. We especially encourage students who have taken a class with us to come back and practice on their own projects. We are also a Lodge for first years who have completed the MakerLodge checkoff.

We expect things to break! You will never get in trouble, but we cannot fix things we do not know are broken. Please let us know if something is not working properly. First, contact a mentor or staff on duty. Report all issues, no matter how small. They can help with routine troubleshooting, and often suggest an alternate process to improve your results. You can also email thedeep-mentors@ or use the Maintenance Form

For Class 1 & 2 tools that you have experience on, ask a mentor for a quick orientation to our practices and policies. If you are uncertain about how to effectively use a tool, ask a mentor – they are here to help!

For Class 3 & 4 tools, you need a training class, either with us in The Deep, or at another shop, subject to acceptance by Deep staff. If a mentor is available, they can operate the equipment with you, but may have to stop if the shop becomes busier.

We are always looking for students to join us as mentors and help share the excitement and empowerment of making with their peers.

Use of The Deep and many consumables are free for students. The following raw materials have a cost, and are paid through Mobius with MakerBucks, TechCash, or credit card.

  • Waterjet machine time
  • Form2 resin
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Acrylic Sheets
  • Casting Resins
  • Plywood Sheets

Yes, open hours at The Deep support personal projects! The Hobby Shop is another on-campus resource for personal projects.

Yes! The Deep is a great place to work on class projects in a multi-disciplinary environment. If your group wants to meet here, they all need shop orientation. Your class projects will not have special priority at deadlines – there are departmental shops that serve that purpose.

Yes! Prototyping is encouraged in the Deep. We are focused on education and experimentation, so production runs and product deadlines will not have special priority over other uses. Students should be primary authors of, or on the leadership team for, entrepreneurial projects. In other words, do not use The Deep as a job shop executing others’ ideas for profit.


seth Avecilla Preferred Photo
Seth Avecilla — Maker Technical Specialist

Seth Avecilla specializes in delivering skills to students to shorten the path between their wildest ideas and reality. He is a Maker Technical Specialist for Project Manus. Having studied architecture and sculpture, he built large scale mixed-media installations, both for artists and high-end wayfinding signage, before running the fabrication shop for MIT's Program in Art, Culture and Technology. People come to him for welded metal fabrication, precision or unusual casting and moldmaking, and electronics. Sometimes you will find Seth dancing as though to shake his soul loose.

Robyn Goodner
Robyn Goodner — Maker Technical Specialist

Though her masters is in Operatic Performance, Robyn Goodner has spent her entire professional career making and breaking in all sorts of media. Hailing from UMass Lowell, Tufts, and Olin College, she specializes in creating peer-to-peer training programs and optimizing makerspace accessibility. Her areas of making specialization include CNC machining and woodworking, though she is obsessively learning to make all of the things.

e-mail: sethcim [at] mit [dot] edu

e-mail: robyneg [at] mit [dot] edu

Where Are We?

■ The basement of Building 37, Room 072!
■ Take the elevator to the basement, and turn left twice.
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Mentor Email List:

thedeep-mentors [at[ mit [dot] edu